Recollim en aquest espai el disseny d’un robot open source (DIY) realitzat a Terres de l’Ebre i que porta el nom d’Ebrebot. El disseny l’ha realitzat íntegrament en Joan Nivera. Ha compartit el disseny de tots els elements a Thingiverse, i també la descripcio dels materials utilitzats.

Ebrebot: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3107252


This is an easy-to-mount educational Arduino modular robot designed to print with 3D printers that have small volume size, like Up Mini 2. It is intended to introduce the teenager students to the robotics, programming this robot to accomplish challenges over ground circuits or maps.

The robot control unit is an Arduino Uno card with a specific customized multi-purpose Imagina Shield created by the Robolot Team people from Olot (Girona). The differential drive is based with a couple of chinese geared continuous rotation motors. The frontal part or spoiler have the right place to install two reflective IR sensors to convert the robot into a linefollower robot. And finally, the third wheel is a 16mm marble ballcaster, held by a rear appendix called ballcaster support. This part split is needed in order to fit the chassis core in a small 3D printer.

All the unions are made with M3 metric bolts and nuts.

The power source is a mobile phone powerbank, placed inside the chassis, because is an affordable rechargeable battery.

You can buy the whole electronic’s kit, all pieces except the 3d printed chassis and screwdriving, in this link:


Print Settings

Printer Brand: Up

Printer: Up Mini

Rafts: Yes

Supports: Doesn’t Matter

Resolution: 0.4mm nozzle hole / 0.2mm layer height

Infill: 25% Infill density

Filament: Esun Filament PLA Black, Red and Silver

Materials Needed

All the 3D parts regarding that there are 2 Wheels.

Electronic’s kit content:

1x Arduino/Genuino UNO board
1x Imagina Arduino V3 Innova Didactic Shield (Ref. RBL0692_V3)
2x Rubber Black O-Ring Diameter: 45mm Thickness: 3.5mm
1x 16mm Glass or Steel Marble
2x Gearer DC Motors (Yellow Arduino typical motors)
3x IR Reflective Sensors (Ref. RBL0673-RAST).
1x Power-Bank 5V/2200 mAh (Ref. VL2200PB001GR).
1x HC-SR04 Ultrasound Sensor (Optional)
1x HC-06S or HC-05 Bluetooth Module (Ref. HC-06S. The last version of Imagina Shield have this sensor integrated at the bottom face)

Cables (included in the kit)

3x 20 cm Female-Female Sensor Cables
2x 20 cm Female-Female Motor Cables
1x Micro USB Male to USB Male Type A cable (Powerbank Cable)

Additional screwdriving

10x 8mm lenght M3 bolt
6x 25mm lenght M3 bolt
4x 35mm lenght M3 bolt
20x M3 nut

2x Universal screw, 2 x 10 mm, full thread, flat countersunk head, cross recess Z1, S point, YELLOX – 4081020200102 (to ensure the Wheel fixations to the motors)