HABITATS (from Coyle, Hood and Marsh (2010), CLIL, CUP)


  • Key vocabulary / phrases
  • Grammatical progression in using modal verbs to predict the future of ecosystems
  • Language of describing, defining, explaining, hypothesizing
  • Effective use of future and conditional tenses for cause/effect, solutions, suggestions


  • In groups: asking and answering questions using evidence
  • Language to build arguments and disagreements
  • Language for project work
  • Writing a simple research report


  • Using feedback
  • Dictionary skills
  • Recycling discussion skills at a higher level
  • Extending presentation skills
  • Presenting evidence

Scaffolding Oral Communication

  • One-on-One Speaking
  • Small-Group or Team Based Oral Work
  • Full-Class Discussions
  • In-Class Debates and Deliver actions
  • Speeches and Presentations
  • Oral Examinations

Oral interaction activities