Basic competences by joan_alberich


CLIL Planning Stages

  1. Stage1: A shared vision for CLIL
  2. Stage2: A shared vision for CLIL
  3. Stage3: Planning and preparing a unit
    1. Step1:  Considering content
    2. Step2: Connecting content and cognition, analysing and selecting the thinking skills, problem solving and creativity which connect with the content
    3. Step3: Communication, defining language learning ad using and providing the proper language scaffolding
    4. Step4: Developing cultural awareness and opportunities
  4. Stage4: Monitoring and evaluating the unit. Monitoring the development of a unit and evaluating the processes and outcomes are integral to the teaching and learning process. This stage focuses on understanding classroom processes as they evolve to gain insights which inform future planning.

Creation process of a CLIL lesson. Lesson plans


Lesson plan template 1 – Word
Lesson plan template 1- PDF
Lesson plan template 2 – Word
Lesson plan template 2 – PDF
Lesson Plan example 1
Lesson Plan example 2

The Ideal CLIL Teacher

CLIL Project Impact Diffusion Sustainability by Carme Florit Ballester